Capoeira is an art form like no other – it combines martial arts, acrobatics, music, language, culture and dance. I immediately fell in love with Capoeira the first time I ever saw it while I was in Brazil and I jumped at the opportunity to learn it myself when I realized that there was an excellent school here in Tucson – Capoeira Maladragium.

That was many years ago and now I am a parent of a 7 year old who is learning Capoeira through the Capoeira Maladragium Kids classes. Capoeira is an activity that is fun and challenging for both adults and kids and Capoeira Maladragium offers affordable classes for kids and families, while still providing training to serious students and adults. “Professor Besouro” teaches kids on their level and allows them to learn at their own pace. Mostly, he encourages them to have fun while still learning discipline, exercise, and respect. I am so happy to be able to share this beautiful art form with my daughter and continue my own training with her.

Taylor Edwards