Facebook reviews of Tucson Capoeira – United Capoeira Association

Jaz AB

Buenisima escuela. Mis dos hijos, Abeja y Ator, atendieron a clases de Capoeira por algunos meses y el resultado fue increíble. Los instructores tienen casi toda una vida d experiencia y amplio conocimiento. El ambiente es ameno y uno se siente como si estuvieramos entre amigos. En lo personal lo que mas me gustó fue

Tim Hobson

Oi, galera! Mestre Besouro is incredibly kind and hospitable, along with the other teachers. He invited me to the free classes, and his passion radiates out and is contagious. The class I went to was structured to accomodate everyone who came, including beginners like me, and left everyone feeling energized. I really liked playing at

Lewis Lease

Simply the best capoeira in Tucson- Malandragem has deep roots in this city, not just as a business, but as a gathering place for people of all ages and backgrounds to explore culture, music and movement in a diverse setting. Malandragem has been affiliated with legendary capoeira teacher Mestre Acordeon for nearly two decades, and