Google reviews of Movement Culture Tucson


The instructor is always on time and present. Always challenges the students to do their best. Does not ruin the Dende of the class. A GREAT teacher #Dende

Capoeira Minnesota

I visited this place back in February 2022. There is a very clear sign of authenticity and genuine care for the people as well as the arts that are practiced in this space. Even as a visitor, I felt at home with how welcoming everyone was there.

Juan Ibarra

It is exactly what Tucson needed. A place with a large variety of classes ranging from yoga to drumming with a very welcoming atmosphere. If you are looking for space to teach your art form, it is prime location with high foot traffic and easy to find. Highly recommend for both, taking and teaching classes.

kiterra sky

Movement culture IS the best studio for classes AND rentals I’ve been to! Classes are so lively and fun everyone is so kind and helpful! You will learn WHATEVER class you are taking while meeting amazing people and gaining confidence along the way. I took my very first class and I was so embarrassed I

Eryka Dellenbach

Movement Culture is the best venue in Tucson for movement classes and rentals. The owner Bryan Castle keeps it very clean and the facilities all in check. Highly recommended!

Mo Kuehne

Was at a Prunes’ rehearsal on Saturday then JoAnn’ s tap class on Tuesday morning. I like the traditional dance studio Set up with a Good floor lots of mirrors. Clean restroom.