Our Collaborative Members

Tucson’s Center for Dance & Cultural Movement

Movement Culture‘s explicit purpose of showing Tucson the beauty of black and Indigenous cultures. Its direct influences enriches Tucson through movement, dance, but most importantly activism. Thru Bboy culture, Capoeira, African drumming or Twerkin’, just imagine this America, without the influence of black people / indigenous cultures and our rich culture.

In practice, our collaborative members are top innovators, bold creatives, and experienced producers. Because we pay our collaborators well and manage our projects ethically, we continually attract the best talent in our sector.

Bryan Castle

Girlie abad

Girlie Abad

Peter Gariepy


Chezale Rodriguez

Cris David Barajas


Alyce Abad Daws

Marcel Reynolds


Zari Alcantar

Joe Barnett

Ja’ Neeva Sampson


Akhil Kanakkassery

De Shanna

De Shanna


Viola Gant

Viola Gant

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Demarko Ugene English


Rhey Ormé

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 3.37.31 PM

Fiona Cadet

Michael Byola


Imani Adjua Johnson