Starts February 6, 2023 then every Monday
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1.) Muay Thai: Covering authentic Muay Thai style punches, kicks, elbows, knees, Muay Thai clinch, and defensive moves. Class includes technique training, fitness training, and Muay Thai pad work.

Kids Muay Thai: Fun fitness environment where students will learn basic striking, defense, and martial arts culture through Muay Thai. Class will include technique training and fun fitness activities.

Family Muay Thai: Giving back to the Tucson Community with a one hour self defense class where families are able to learn and workout together.

Open Gym Muay Thai: Open to members to train technique, workout, and evolve their overall skill.

Krav Maga is Brian but he is allowing my members in that class and I am letting his into one of mine just to add value to the membership

2.) I’ll be the point of Contact on all trainings: 520-279-9376 or through IG:

3.) Hand wraps and boxing gloves

MC ( Studio A)